Where Good Times Flow!


 Highway 129 N. and Brookside Drive
      " Where Good Times Flow"
  270 Days Per Calendar Year Stay Only
  Camp-Ground For Recreational Use

NO FULL TIME RESIDENCY Allowed per Covenants
NO RENTAL UNITS OR LOTS Allowed per Covenants

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Brookside Campground
Board of Directors for 2017 - 2018

Palmer Ansley, President                                       93 Blue Bonnet Lane
Sandra Hammack, Vice President                        25 Terrace Circle
Sharon Winkler, Secretary/Treasurer                190 Creekview Drive
Susan Hobbs,  Board Member -Permits              59 Park Vista Drive
Anne Schlomer, Board Member - 
                                       Event Coordinator           77 Creekview Drive
Jack Brock, Board Member                                  46 Creekview Drive
Clenn Winkler, Board Member-                          190 Creekview Drive 
                                             Lawn Overseer

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Sunday, March 11, 2018 at 2:00AM Time Changes

Spring Forward One Hour



Brookside Board Members, will handle Brookside Permits effective April 29, 2017.  Permit applications are available in the Black Box under the glass case bulletin board at the Brookside office.  Completed Permit Applications can be faxed to 888-741-7608, emailed to:                                     [email protected] or mailed to: Brookside CampgroundPermits; P.O. Box 6029; Gainesville, GA 30504.  Contact Susan Hobbs for questions and application information, telephone 706-449-7774 or email: [email protected]

**A dash follows brookside in the email address not a dot

Brookside Permit Applications and information is listed under the Title "Permits" listed on the right side of this article.  Click on the word Permits to view article explaining permits and to print a permit application form for your work project. Incomplete Permit Applications will be returned to lot owner,

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No Alcoholic Beverages In Pavilion & Pool Areas

 Not Allowed In the Pavilion 
          or Pool Areas
If you and your guest use alcoholic beverages they must remain at your camper and on your lot.  No Open Container Policy at Brookside Campground
* No Open Containers in Golf Carts or Roadways in Brookside Campground. Same Georgia Law applies since roadways are public and governed by White County Sheriff Department.


Lots Clean By June 1, 2018

Remember . . . Lots To Be Clean By June 1, 2018Brookside Board of Directors have adopted the JUNE FIRST date for lots to be clean each year.  If lots aren't clean by this date Brookside will have lot(s) cleaned and bill owner(s) $150 for cleaning each lot.  Our Covenants address the responsibility of each member to care for their lot and camper. Section 2. Owners Responsibility (a) (b) page 6 of our Covenants.



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Please remember the Brookside Campground Roll Off Dumpster is for Yard Debris ONLY - NO Furniture, building materials, trees, trunks, metal etc. Our cost for emptying is by weight and expenses have risen over our budget amount. Please help so we can keep a dumpster on the grounds.   Fines will result for putting wrong items in the dumpster. Brookside Members pay for having a dumpster on the grounds for disposal of leaves, fallen limbs (not fresh cut ones) and trimmings of shrubs or flowers Only.

Vehicles Requiring GA Titles/Registration

The Georgia DOR requires titles for the following vehicles (model 1986 and newer):

Mobile homes (model year 1963 and newer) must also be titled in the state of Georgia.

The Tax Receipt card received when you pay your camper taxes is required by the county and State of Georgia to be posted in a window facing the street to be viewed.  The state of Georgia along with White County representatives are going to campgrounds to check for the cards.  There is a fine if the tax receipt is not posted in the window of the camper.  If you live in White County the taxes are paid in White County or out of state the camper taxes are paid at White County tag office.  If you live in another county in Georgia and your camper is in White County the camper tax is paid at the Tag Office in the county you live in.  The State and County were recently in Campground near by like Brookside Campground and several received fines for the tax receipt not being posted. For more information go to the County Tag Office where you pay your taxes on your camper.




See You Soon!

See you at Brookside!


Pets may be kept on any lot. Should such pets become a nuisance in the opinion of the Board, they must be removed from the Properties. No pets are to run at-large.

Pets are allowed in Brookside and owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets. Bagging the pet’s poop is a must!  Owners do walk and children do play. Poop left alone causes diseases.  Pets are to be on a leash and under your control as to not to disturb other lot owners.

Please notify your guest if they bring their pet while visiting.  Not picking up after the pet poops is a violation and nuisance in Brookside Campground.


Located in the Foot Hills of North Georgia Mountains


Beautiful Mountain View

   Located on Town Creek 

Brookside Campground Office

Yonah Mountain Near Brookside


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