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Campers are to be clean on the outside by June 1. Cleaning/washing your camper is part of the Covenants for Brookside Campground. When Neglected, the camper will be washed and the fee charged to the owner(s).

Remember . . . 
Lots and Campers To Be Clean By June First, Every Year


Brookside Campground quite time begins at 10:00 p.m. and goes through the night until 7:00 A.M.

Sitting by a campfire quietly is allowed to be enjoyed but other activity must end to not disturb neighbor campers night of rest.

All campfires must be attended at all times and put out by midnight.

2018-2019 Board of Directors

Brookside Board of Directors for 2018 - 2019

Rodney Smith , President                                      325 Creekview Drive
Sandra Hammack, Vice President                         25 Terrace Circle
Anne Schlomer, Secretary/Treasurer                            71 Creekview Drive
Susan Hobbs,  Board Member -Permits                 59 Park Vista Drive
Clenn Winkler, Board Member-                            190 Creekview Driv
Terry Harsh, Board Member                                 324 Creekview Drive  
Tina Stroud, Board Member -Permits                    68 Creekview Drive

Please contact Rodney Smith concerning questions or comments about the Lawn Maintenance.      
2019 Brookside Campground
Dues Per Lot
Click on the link above to see Helen, Georgia

No Pets in the Pavilion or Pool Area

No Pets are allowed in the Pavilion and Pool Area of Brookside Campground
No Bicycles, Scooters, Riding Toys Allowed in the Pavilion and Pool Area.
Violators will be fined

Brookside Pool



Brookside Campground Pool 

Open Saturday before Memorial Day and closes after Labor Day Weekend.   Pool Closed 

Members are responsible for cleaning the area they use at the pool and returning chairs/tables they move back to the area moved from. If you let and umbrella up, please let down before you leave the pool. Security Cameras installed at the pool.


Please observe the Pool Rules Posted at the Pool. No Running at any time and No Rough Play. Children must be under the supervision of an Adult.  We are asking if everyone will help keep the pool area clean by picking up trash and disposing properly.  If you move any of the pool furniture please place it back where it was moved from.  If you let the umbrella up at the table, please let it down when you leave.  Thank you for helping make the pool area an enjoyable time for all.

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Image result for IMAGES OF NO TRESPASSING PRIVATE PROPERTY                  
Article X Use Restrictions
Entering upon the lot of another owner without permission is prohibited.

Please notify your guest, children, grandchildren or anyone visiting with you that each lot is privately owned and our Covenants clearly state No Trespassing.  We've had this occurring in Brookside recently and the owner has the right to notify the Sheriff  Department of anyone found trespassing on their property.

Caution Children At Play

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Reflective Signs at Brookside
Member's Children and Grandchildren are at Play
Please be watchful as you drive in and around
Brookside Campground, children are playing on
skateboards, foot scooters, bicycles and tricycles.

Security Cameras


Security Cameras installed at Brookside Campground and active.

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                             WINTER AT BROOKSIDE
The weather at Brookside Campground has been really cold and freezing in the low temperatures (Teens & single numbers).  We've heard it did get to Zero.  If you did not winterize your camper you will need to use caution when you turn the water back on to your camper and check for leaks.

Lots Clean By June First


Please remember and remind your guest that a licensed driver must be in the Golf Car when riding in BrooksidePlease also remember and remind guest they must not speed.  This is for the safety of everyone.  If a Golf Car is noticed without a licensed driver in the Golf Car the driver of the Golf Car will be asked to stop the Golf Car immediately.  There have been too many unfortunate accidents because of unlicensed drivers using Golf Cars. Brookside adopted the licensed driver policy years ago when Golf Cars started being used in Brookside Campground.

Permits Required

Please remember Permits are required for work on your camper or lot when it will be $200 or more for the project.  Please see Permit on the left side of  the Home Page of this web site for more information and also to print out the Permit Form to be completed and mail to Brookside Campground Permit; PO Box 918; Cleveland, GA 30528, or Fax to 888-741-7608, or Email as an attachment to [email protected]   
Questions? Please call 706-449-7774 or 678-283-5502
   Permit is in Adobe format.

Septic Tank System

    Please remember we are on a Septic Tank System at Brookside Campground and we need to be cautious in the products we flush in to the septic tank. Bathroom Tissue should be the only added product flushed.  Please read on the Toilet Tissue label to make sure the tissues you are purchasing to use at Brookside are Septic Tank Safe. Some bathroom tissues do not dissolve and can stop up the system. Do Not flush other products in your camper to be added to the septic tank.  Do not pour grease in the kitchen sink or flush in to the toilet as this can also cause major problems.  Not following these guidelines can be costly to all of us. It is every lot owners responsibility to help with keeping a good Septic Tank System by being cautious of products they use.


Old Propane Bottles

Do Not Throw Old Propane Bottles in Dumpsters
Old propane gas tanks/bottles have to be disposed of correctly.  These CAN NOT be thrown in the Dumpsters at Brookside Campground. This is against the Federal law and a fine is charged by the Federal Government.

New Air Conditioners/Heater in Camper

If you are replacing your current RV Air Conditioner on Top of your Camper or Replacing your current Heater with the same type of equipment you DO NOT need a Permit from Brookside Campground.

If you are having a NEW Under Camper Different Equipment, RV Air Conditioner/Heater type installed you MUST get a Permit from Brookside Campground Board of Directors. All equipment for the NEW RV Air Conditioner/Heater must be completely under the camper. There are units designed to be located under the Camper area.  No Units are to be located on the outside around the Camper or placed on a pad.  No Heat pump system allowed per Brookside Campground Covenants.


Keep our Campground Clean . . . .

Remember to Keep your RV lot and Camper clean. It helps our Campground look nice.



We want a picture of you for our Property Owners Association Members page on the web site. Please email a picture in jpeg format to

 b[email protected]  include your names and RV lot number in the email. 




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