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Click on one of the links below to print a Brookside Permit Application.  Permit A is Brookside's RV Application to be completed when requesting to bring a new or first time Camper to be placed on a lot. Permit B is for Construction work.

Permit B: Permit Application-Construction-2018.pdf

Mail Completed Applications to:

Brookside Campground Permit
P.O. Box 918
Cleveland, GA 30528

Permit Applications must be completed with all information listed on the application. Application for placing a RV Camper on the lot for the first time or when purchasing a new RV Camper to be placed in Brookside all request for information about the camper must be completed, including pictures and drawings.  Application for a Construction Permit must include material list, paint color chip, drawing and information about the planned project. Incomplete Brookside Permit Applications will be returned to the lot owner. Permits approved will be mailed to the address for the lot owner listed on Brookside Campground Roster. A request to be emailed to the applicant must be submitted in writing at the time the application is submitted to Brookside Campground.

Questions?  Telephone Tina: 678-283-5502 or Susan: 706-449-7774 Between the hours of 9:00 am to 4:30 pm

Email Permit to: 

Fax Number: 888-741-7608

White County Building Permits

The White County Building Inspections Department is responsible for ensuring the public safety through the enforcement of federal, state, and local codes governing construction. Their staff reviews plans, issues building permits, and performs inspections to ensure Code compliance related to aspects of life-safety, structural integrity, handicap accessibility, and electrical, plumbing, fuel gas, heating and air conditioning systems.

White County Building Inspections enforces the International Building Codes as prescribed by the International Code Council, mandated by and amended by the State of Georgia.

The primary mission of the Building Inspection Department is to protect the health, safety and welfare of the people by ensuring a safe building environment.

We recognize that safe buildings are an integral part of maintaining a safe and economically stable community. Our business philosophy is based upon the diligent enforcement of building codes in an atmosphere of cooperation and open communication. Their website is intended to promote that communication and make our services easier to access.  Ringo McCollum welcomes your comments and suggestions.  Web site address:

Chief Building Official: Harry Barton

Office:  White County Building Inspector, 1241 Helen Hwy, Cleveland, Georgia 30528

Telephone: (706) 865-6768       Office Hours: Monday - Friday  8:00am - 5:00pm 

  Inspectors available: 8:00-9:00am & 4:00-5:00pm


PERMITS - Brookside Campground


         Building Permit Request forms are to be filled out and turned in to Brookside Board of Directors or mailed to the address below. Please note the form requires a drawing of your plans along with a list of material you plan to use and the application has to be signed. If an application is for a New Construction (Building) a copy or permit number from the White County Permit included with your Brookside Permit Application.  You have to have a Brookside permit for any work done/changes made/ over $200 outside your camper or if the work is required to be approved by the board when listed in the covenants. The lot owner is responsible for knowing where their property lines are located. All campers, buildings, etc are to be located 5 feet from the property line; to be less than 5 feet you must apply for a Variance Permit with White County.  Brookside Campground will also request you have a surveyor survey the lot if any common/green space is involved in the Variance.   If the Permit Application is for painting a color chart sample must be included or a drop of paint color on application.

Brookside Campground POA Permit Applications can be mailed to Brookside Campgound Permit, P.O. Box 918; Cleveland, GA 30528, given/mailed to a Board Member, emailed as an attachment to [email protected] or [email protected], you can fax to  1-888-741-7608.    Please, plan and allow time for the Permit Request to be reviewed by Susan or Tina and voted on by the Board of Directors.  Please have all information listed to save time on processing your permit application, drawings, material list, any photo's to help with processing the application. A Brookside Permit Application missing this information will be returned as incomplete. Please do not contact the Board without a Permit Application Form sent to them, this information is scanned and emailed to all Board of Directors to know what the request project you have submitted requesting a permit for.

If you mail your Brookside Permit to the above address we will do our best to process and return quicker.  If all information is included with the Permit Application, without the Board having to request additional information. We now have a way to scan and email all information to your Board Members for their review if mailed to the above address.


BCPOA Permit Required for over $200





TO: ALL present and potential Property Owners


 Effective as of September 1, 2014 Building Permits are required

Prior to the commencement of any NEW Construction work. 

 Permits are required ffor any project In excess of two hundred (200.00) dollars.  If the Covenants call for the Board to approve a project, a Brookside Permit Application must be submitted.

 A detailed sketch which shall include the following information

Will be required and presented to the Board of Directors for

Their review and approval.


A.     Lot layout indicating boundaries, existing

Improvements and R.V.


              B.  Sketch of proposed improvements, i.e. decks,

Storage buildings etc.


C.   Elevations of all proposed improvements to include

Measurements from ground level to the highest

Point of the proposed structure. (Out-buildings)


D.   Include proposed electrical and plumbing additions and

or changes.


          E.  Must be 5’ off all property lines. Lot survey will be required.  

                White County Variance Permit Required to be less than 5’.


          F.   Painting of a NEW Color, colors are to be of 

    Earth Tone Brown, 

                    Earth Tone Green

                    Earth Tone Gray    or 

                     White to match camper.


The Board of Directors will review the above information and perform site inspection as deemed appropriate.  If covenant requirements are met, and the Board of Directors approves the request, a Brookside Campground Building Permit will be issued.


If a White County permit is required, you must attach a copy of the White County Permit to the Brookside Campground Building Permit Application. Lot Owner’s responsibility to check with White County and abide by all White County Permit requirements, rules & regulations.


These requirements are in compliance with existing Covenants and were approved by unanimous vote of your Board of Directors on August 30, 2014. 



Brookside Campground Building Permit

Brookside Campground Permit. Remember Work must be complete in 30 Days.  Need longer time...file for an extension on your BCPOA Permit Number by filing out another Brookside Permit Application requesting the extension giving the number of days you need extended along with the original BCPOA Permit Number.

White County Permits

Screened Porches Permits

Resolution for Screen Porch Permits


Article X Use Restrictions Section 24. Screen Porches    Any and all

Screened proches must be of substantially similar material and design of

Those plans on file with Declarant and Owner’s Association.


Explanation and interpretation:  This section refers to screen porches attached to storage buildings.  The North Health District 02 RV Park Guidelines state a recreational vehicle is no longer a RV if other buildings or rooms are attached.  The North Health District 02 RV Park Guidelines require the Board of Directors to enforce this guideline.


The Board of Directors shall not grant a permit for screen Porches on RV’s.


May 1, 2000

Explanation of Article X Section 24 pg 15


I.              Article X Section 24 (Not to change but to further understand what is

Permitted)  One screened room or screened gazebo per lot, can’t have both.

A.      Each lot may have constructed thereon one screen room not to exceed 200 square feet with wood frame construction, vertical\Vinyl siding, or horizontal vinyl siding applied over wood backing or completely made of approved wood.

B.      All screen room walls must be at least 60% screened except a wall that is common to a storage building.  Only Florida type vinyl pane windows are permitted provided opening to screen is 75%.

C.      Any and all screened rooms must be of substantially similar materials and designed of those on file with the Declarant and Owner Association.

D.      Or A gazebo (with maximum of 16 feet across the flats) 6 or 8 sided may be constructed on each lot. The maximum size is 200 square feet constructed of approved building materials.

E.       Air Conditioner, when requested for mounting in Screened Room, Gazebo or Florida Window Room; must be permanently mounted, self-contained and installed through the wall, below all window levels and not exceed 10,000BTU.  Location of air conditioner must be approved by the Board of Directors.

F.       Screened decks (porches) are not permitted per The North Health District 02 RV Park Guidelines.


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